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La Bottega

La Bottega is just not a market, it is not a café, it is not a delicatessen, it is not a bakery, but all of these things.

La Bottega is a new commercial concept located inside the Camping Village Il Capannino. Here you can find essential goods, but also a café with an Italian-style cafeteria service, including cocktails and apéritifs. Fresh bread and a fragrant pizza alla pala (pizza paddle) are inevitable; there are also delicatessen products, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, frozen foods and top quality cold cuts.

Why our Bottega in the camping is not a mini-market

The most important thing that differentiates the Bottega from classic mini-markets on campsites is its opening hours, from morning to late evening. In this way, at any time our customers can have a coffee, buy a pack of pasta to prepare dinner in their accommodation or have lunch directly with us, in our dedicated spaces. There are no constraints, you can stay as long as you like. That's why the Bottega of Il Capannino and its products are... on everyone's lips!

Do you also bring the “puppies” of your family with you? All your loved ones are welcome, Il Capannino is a pet-friendly campsite, not far from the dog beach in Marina di Bibbona.

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